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What Is Adventure Game Source

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2012 03:58PM EDT
We are pleased to announce that the Adventure Game Source website is live.

The worlds first and only Print On Demand Distribution Service

We are adding all the product and working on a few minor things but for the most part the site is done.

AGS replaces our Publishers Warehouse with the following new features

Print, Publish and sell your product all in one place!

…… The only service that can offer your products to 300+ Retail Game outlets!

Adventure Game Source
AGS was developed to allow the Independent Game Designer and Small Publisher an outlet to offer their game products to the public without risk or large monetary outlay. AGS is the only company to not only allow Game Designers and Publishers to offer product to the general public in POD (Print On Demand) format but to offer that same product direct to retail stores at wholesale discount.

AGC has a retail store database of 300+ retail game stores that we solicit on a regular basis for companies who choose to list their products on the AGS website.

With an approved AGS Wholesale account, wholesale purchasers can log in and make their purchases choosing from the many products offered on AGS. The wholesale purchasers are only required to purchase a small minimum purchase but they may mix and match from any of the products offered on AGS to reach that small minimum.

Now, for the first time ever, retails stores may offer their customers niche products from Independent Game Designers and small Publishers that were unavailable to them before. AGS sends out a weekly newsletter to retail store subscribers letting them know what products are new on the site so stores can order.

For the Independent Game Designer and Small Publisher reports are generated by the site and sent so you can track who is buying your product and how much money you are making.

Only AGS can offer your product direct to retail stores because only AGS can offer the Independent Game Designer and Small Publisher professionally printed and packaged product that is marketable to a retail store. None of the competition out there has the capability to offer what AGS can offer the Independent Game Designer and Small Publisher.

The real difference is three fold….
1. The quality of our product. The quality of product produced for AGS is unmatched by any other POD game printing service.
2. The professional packaging. The competition can’t offer you the many professional packaging options the AGS can… and that is the key. The products that are produced for AGS are already on store shelves and in major distribution channels. Other companies offer you cheesy boxes with their logo, no shrink wrapping capabilities or worse…. No packaging at all!
3. The price. AGS pricing is lower than all the competitors…. That translates to more profit in your pocket!!!

That’s it…. Best Quality, Professional Packaging, Lowest Prices!!!

The fees involved for this service are as follows:
• Cost for printing the product
• 30% of the profit for hosting the product in Publishers Warehouse
• Customer covers shipping costs

Here we offer for sale items from independent publishers and designers on a "Print On Demand" basis. That is there is no stock kept on the shelves and/or you are not required to buy 100 card decks at a time to keep in our warehouse for sale.

Instead, the orders come in through the website; we print the orders as they come in and ship them to the customers directly. You get a cut, we get a cut and the customer pays the shipping.

Here is how the pricing works:

1. You set a retail price that we both agree will be at a minimum mutually profitable** for both of us.
2. We list the product on our website
3. The order comes in and we print and ship the order
4. From the proceeds of the order we keep the shipping amount, the printing cost of the product and 30% of the profit. Profit is defined as the final sell price of the game minus the cost to print the game.
5. At the end of each month we tally your sales and sent you your 70% of the profit (usually via paypal but we can make other arrangements).

** What we mean here is that if you make a product that you want to all but give away that is fine but we still need to cover our costs to package and ship the product at a minimum. So if you want to just sell the game at cost we are going to ask you to add an extra $2.00 to the product that we would keep for processing the order.

So as an example, lets say you have a 54 card deck that you want to sell and it costs $4.85 to print. You want to retail it at $12.99 at our Publishers Warehouse. You drive your customers to the site (or we do with some marketing strategies we are employing) and they buy the deck for the $12.99 plus shipping. To determine what you receive from the sale take the $12.99 minus the cost to print, $4.85. This equals $8.14. 30% of this we keep, $2.44, and $5.70 goes to you at the end of the month.

$12.99 - $4.85 = $8.14 Profit
$8.14 x 30% = $2.44 (AGS's cut)
$8.14 x 70% = $5.70 (Your cut)

Trade discounts to retailers are 45% so you need to take that into account when finalizing your SRP (suggested Retail Price)
At the end of the month we send you your profits

Getting Started
You need to set up your print files to Superior POD’s Specs. You can find the templates you need here on the support forums.

Then you need to follow the product submission guidelines on the AGS website. AGS will then post your product(s) on the store and email you to have you approve or make changes. Once that is approved your product will be live and available for purchase.

IP Rights
AGS is just your selling agent. You retain all IP rights to your product(s)

AGS and Superior POD are the only POD service offering:

Card Deck Printing (5 different size cards to choose from)
Wrapped Game Board Printings (2 sizes)
Mounted Game Board Printing (many sizes)
Map Printing
Full Color Custom Tuck Boxes (4 sizes to choose from)
Full Color Rigid Game Boxes (over 6 sizes to choose from)
Game Parts
Shrink Wrapping Service
… and much, much more!

And it is all MADE IN THE USA!!!

AGS will solicit your game to our retail store database. AGS will also post your game on our TWITTER and FACEBOOK feeds as well as on Board Game Geek.

Adventure Game Source is owned and operated by Superior Print On Demand.
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