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File Submission Guidelines for Card Decks

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018 03:13PM EDT
New File Submission Guidelines for Card Decks:

As of Sept. 25th, 2018, our card submission guidelines have changed. Please see the following:
All card deck art submissions are now required to be submitted in single card, reader format (one page after another). One example of this would be if you had a 54 card deck with a common back your print file submission would be a 55 page PDF with the last card being the back card art. The cards should be sized to the appropriate dimensions for the card size you are ordering. (Please note these are the canvas sizes of the cards, not the sizes once they are printed and cut.)

2.625” x 3.625” Poker
2.375” x 3.625” Bridge
3.625” x 3.625” Square
2.125” x 3.625” Question
3.625” x 5.125” Tarot or Jumbo

This sizing takes into account bleed (1/16th of an inch on each card edge). We have replaced the multiple card press sheet template with our single card template for each card size.

These new file submission guidelines apply to all of our card deck sizes: Poker, Bridge, Square, Tarot, and Question size cards.

The preferred file format is PDF. The cards should be submitted as single cards in reader format so that each page is 1 individual card. The individual card should be sized accordingly to the canvas size of the card, based on the single card template for that card size (this can be found in our template database on the website). Please watch and manage the safe zone area, as well as boarder sizes and accurate alignments on the cards.

What ever size your deck, group all your faces first and then your backs. So pages 1-54 will be the faces and *pages 55-108 will be the backs if each individual card has a unique back*.

*If you have a common back you only need submit a 55 page PDF with the last card the back card.*

You can download the single card templates here -

Please be sure to flatten your PDF before submitting anything to us. ALSO if you are submitting a larger deck file (over 100 cards for example) please try to optimize your PDF before submitting. If you are working with Adobe Acrobat simply type in the search bar to find these two processes. If you are using another PDF software you can try searching for these as well, but we are only familiar with the Adobe Suite. 

‚Äč*Note: If you have been submitting your cards on the multiple card press sheet template we will continue to accept your file submissions this way. Please understand you will get an error message upon placing your order which you can just ignore.

If your cards are set up to our press sheet template files (18 up on a page for Poker for example) then we still require only one file to be submitted and the page ordering should be as follows:
Face Sheet 1
Back Sheet 1
Face Sheet 2
Back Sheet 2
Face Sheet 3
Back Sheet 3

You would be submitting a 6 page PDF for a 54 card deck.

If you do not have the ability to submit Multi-page PDFs than you can submit your cards as individual cards or set up to our press sheet templates as in the past. Preferred file format is PNG or PDF. We can no longer accept PSD or TIF files. The one change here is that you must submit a compressed or zipped file for each product that you order. So if you order 3 different card decks you must submit 3 different files (one with each deck order) and they must be either multi-page PDF's or PNG's in ZIP/RAR file formats.
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