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Setting up cards so they are in a specific order

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2016 11:29AM EDT
If you would like your cards to be in a specific order for your finished product you will need to follow these steps when you set them up.

The first example is for an 18 poker card deck:

Card Faces
1   7   13
2   8   14
3   9   15
4  10  16
5  11   17
6  12   18

Card Backs
13   7   1
14   8   2
15   9   3
16  10  4
17  11  5
18  12  6

If you have more than one sheet in your deck then the first column will start with 1 and end with the number of sheets times the number of cards per sheet. In our example we are using poker cards which are 6 cards in each column per sheet. So if I had a 54 card deck requiring 3 sheets, my first column would be numbered 1-18 across the three sheets. My second column would start with 19 thru 36 and the last column would be numbered 37-54 down the three sheets.

Here is a graphic example of what I just described: Use numbers as reference if your cards are numbered. Use the suit reference is your cards are suited. (Ac= Ace of Clubs, etc...)
Playing Cards in specific order
  Depending on the size of your monitor the entire graphic may not be visible. You can download the entire image below. Thank you
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